The Telehealth vs. In-Person Analysis available at civhc.org provides important information regarding the utilization of high-volume telehealth-eligible services and payments made for telehealth-eligible services in Colorado. The intent of this analysis is to provide information about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in telehealth adoption on overall utilization of high-volume, telehealth-eligible services. Please contact us at info@civhc.org for questions.

For more specific information on utilization and diagnoses, visit our Telehealth Services Analysis.

  • Even with the increased use of telehealth, utilization overall for eligible services dipped at the onset of the pandemic but rose to close to pre-pandemic levels later in the year.
  • In April 2020, half of all eligible visits were performed via telehealth. Since then, telehealth visits have leveled off to around 20-25% of all eligible visits.
  • Visits with behavioral health providers remained high throughout 2020, with over half of all visits being delivered by behavioral health providers since April 2020.
  • Total utilization of high volume, telehealth-eligible services in 2019 were 322 services/1,000 people, compared to 319 services/1,000 people in 2020, a drop of 1% in service use overall.
    • In April 2020 utilization of these services were 235 services/1,000 people compared to 349 services/1,000 people in 2019, a decrease of 33%
    • By December 2020, utilization of these services were 328 services/1,000 people compared to 322 services/1,000 in 2019, an increase of 2%
  • This analysis is based on high-volume services that can be delivered either via telehealth or in-person (e.g. an office visit with a primary care provider).
  • Telehealth-specific procedure codes (e.g. 99441: evaluation and management service for an established patient through a telephone conversation) are also excluded.
  • Medicare Fee-for-Service is only available in the CO APCD through June of 2020, and is NOT included in the analysis.
  • This analysis includes the majority of insured lives in Colorado, but does not include all self-insured employer covered lives, or federal health insurance programs such as the Veterans Administration, Tricare, and Indian Health Services.
  • View the full methodology document for more details on the telehealth/in-person services and provider types included.

Impact of COVID-19 on Telehealth vs. In-Person Services