Standard Data Sets

Looking for a data set you can analyze on your own? Data sets are a great solution for researchers, payers, providers, or other entities with analytic capabilities that want data files they can use to conduct their own analyses. CIVHC has developed four standard data sets that can typically be delivered within three weeks of completing the application.

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Standard data sets from the CO APCD are available for organizations who have analytic capability and need access to comprehensive health care claims data in order to achieve their strategic or research goals. These data sets are large (approx. 2.5+ GB), and require secure storage and strong data analytic capacity – they cannot be manipulated in Excel. Recipients will need to submit an appropriate data management plan to ensure proper security and data safety protocols exist in order to receive these files. Smaller datasets are available by custom request.

What’s Included?

  • Mental and physical health information (claims-level)
  • Paid amounts (plan and patient paid portions)
  • Diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Basic member demographic information
  • Out of Network flag
  • Prescription and pharmacy information
  • Dental data
  • Provider information
  • Payer Information

All of the following datasets are completely de-identified and are not subject to minimum necessary requirements. Click below to learn more about the different levels available.

  • Level 1 – No Payer or Provider-specific info
  • Level 2a – Includes Payer Information
  • Level 2b – Includes Health Care Provider Information
  • Level 3 – Includes both Payer and Provider information (for research use)

Not sure which level is right for you? Contact us at to connect with a Health Data Solutions Consultant who can help determine the right data set for you.