You care about the health and wellness of your employees and want to provide excellent health care options at a reasonable cost. To do that, you need information to help you negotiate rates with health insurers and providers and to implement programs that promote a healthy workforce.

We can help you find answers to questions that identify cost-saving and health improvement opportunities including:

  • Cost of Care – How do your health care costs and payments compare to other employers and Medicare payments, and what can you do to reduce those costs?
  • Utilization – Are your employees going to the most appropriate health care settings, and are they using health care services effectively?
  • Chronic Conditions – How much does it cost to treat employees suffering from chronic conditions and what cost savings opportunities exist that can simultaneously improve their health?
  • Quality of Care – How does the quality of care being provided to your employees compare to national and state benchmarks for standards of care?

Featured Employer Change Agent

The Colorado Purchasing Alliance, a not for profit employer purchasing group, recently requested an analysis of their data in the CO APCD to help minimize the cost of frequently used outpatient procedures. The analysis investigated the potential cost savings that could be achieved by accessing outpatient services through an independent, free-standing center versus a health system or hospital-based facility.

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Featured Change Agents