CO APCD Annual Reports

As a requirement of Colorado Statute 25.5-1-204, CIVHC releases an annual report on the administration of the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD) to the Colorado General Assembly. This report details the status of the CO APCD and celebrates successes and milestones achieved each year, as well as reports information on the sustainability of the CO APCD. Each report also highlights local and national Change Agents using the data to lower costs, improve care, and work towards better population health.

2023 CO APCD Annual Report

Every year, CIVHC is required to report on our progress as administrator of the CO APCD. We outline how it has grown, how it is being used, and how we’re ensuring it supports health care improvement efforts across Colorado. In the 2023 Report, we also highlight the ways the CO APCD is special and has vast potential to inform change.

At its core, the most defining feature of the CO APCD is possibility and with it, CIVHC illuminates opportunities to make everyone healthier. We are honored to light the paths of those working to create a healthier Colorado for us all.