CO APCD Insights Dashboard

Ever wonder how many claims or people are in the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD), and how it differs by type of claim (medical, dental, pharmacy), by year and by payer type? Use this interactive dashboard to understand what the CO APCD includes and what percentage of the population is represented in each county. Additional information is also available on race and ethnicity data, behavioral health services, dental code volume, and vision claims that are in the data warehouse under the Resources link.

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What's in the CO APCD and What's Not

What's in the CO APCD: Over 1 Billion Claims (2013-2021) 40 Commercial Payers, + Medicaid & Medicare 5.5+ Million Lives, including 1M (50%) of self-insured Nearly 70% of Covered Lives (medical only) Trend information (2013-present) What's not in the CO APCD: Federal Programs (VA, Tricare, Indian Health Services) Majority of ERISA-based self-insured employers Uninsured and self-pay claims Supplemental Info (incomplete)


  • Complete claims for Medicare FFS are available for medical claims through December 2021, and for pharmacy claims through December 2020.
    • For 2022, some medical and pharmacy claims data are available from supplemental plans, however, it is important to note when viewing Medicare FFS data and all payer data, complete claims for Medicare FFS are not represented.
  • Total people represented in the Overview tab for all years includes any unique person who has been included in the database since 2013 regardless of whether they still live in Colorado or have coverage in the state.
  • Estimates of the percent of the population represented in the CO APCD is based on comparisons using U.S. Census Bureau data which includes insured people covered by federal plans such as the VA, Tricare and Indian Health Services which are not available in the CO APCD.

CO APCD Insights Dashboard