Cost of Care

As health care spending continues to rise across Colorado, it is essential to understand what is driving the increases in order to find ways to curb spending. The Cost of Care report shows how much is spent on various categories of health care, helping users identify where Colorado is spending the most money and how much it has changed over time. Understanding spending by category can help can help providers, communities, and policy makers identify areas of opportunity to reduce spending variation and make health care more affordable.

Use Cases

Providers and Payers
  • Understand payments across health care categories by payer type, isolate the biggest drivers of health care spending, and find opportunities to reduce total spending.
Policymakers and State Agencies
  • Better understand health care spending across Colorado, identify variation across different regions of the state, and develop policy and programs to help control costs.
  • Understand trends in health care spending by category and payer in Colorado, enabling research on the impact on policy, provider consolidation and more on health care costs.
  • See how your cost of care by category compares with other regions across the state, investigate why variation may exist, and identify ways to reduce costs.

You may receive a warning box that “some map details are not available" when selecting some features for the report. This is a Tableau public server issue and all features of the report are available. Simply close the warning box to continue viewing.