Cost of Care

Costs to provide care to insured Coloradans varies depending on where you live, which ultimately leads to higher premiums in certain areas. Understanding how costs differ across the state helps communities, policy makers and others begin to identify solutions to reduce variation in spending.


When viewing this report, keep in mind:

  • Costs refer to the amount paid to the provider for services by both health insurance companies and patients. Costs do not include any premiums paid and do not reflect what it costs the provider to deliver care.
  • Payer costs DO NOT include administrative costs, adjustments made before or after a claim is settled, or pharmacy rebates and discounts. Medicaid costs do not include Long Term Services and Support.
  • This information is based on claims data for the vast majority of insured Coloradans, but does not reflect self-pay, the uninsured, some people covered by self-insured employer plans, or those covered under Federal programs like the VA, TRICARE, or Indian Health Services.


Cost of Care Insights - Updated 12.2017

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Cost of Care Report

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