Public Data Overview

Increasing access to transparent health care data is foundational to CIVHC’s mission to equip individuals, partners and organizations with resources and unbiased data needed to improve health and health care. We provide public data based on information from the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD) to help consumers shop for care, and support other Change Agents in their efforts to make health care more equitable, affordable and high quality.

Focus Areas

Use CO APCD data to shop for health care services and to identify opportunities for health and health care improvement in your community. Our public data focus areas include:

  • Shop for Care: Search prices and quality at different facilities for common procedures and imaging tests.
  • Alternative Payment Models: Discover insights and trends to Colorado's transition from fee-for-service to alternative payment models.
  • Community Dashboard: Search county and regional data on cost, quality, access and utilization of health care services.
  • COVID-19: Access resources to help Colorado plan for, prevent, and understand the impact of the pandemic on Coloradans.
  • Health Equity: Learn the relationship between key social factors and access and use of health care services that can impact a person’s health.
  • Low Value Care: Identify the services Coloradans are receiving that have the highest potential for harm, are likely wasteful and costs associated with that care.
  • Out-of-Network Services: Access in-network payments in support of Colorado legislation to reduce surprise billing.
  • Palliative Care: Locate nearby palliative care providers and learn about palliative care trends across the Colorado.
  • Prescription Drug Rebates: Understand the impact of drug rebates in Colorado and their impact on prescription drug costs.
  • Primary Care Spending: See how Alternative Payment Model (APM) and primary care spending were assessed to help lower health care costs. 
  • Provider Payments: Understand how payments to health care providers for services vary between years, provider types, insurance payers, and regions across Colorado.
  • Medicare Reference-Based Pricing: Understand commercial health insurance payments across Colorado as a percent of Medicare payments.
  • Telehealth: Understand trends in telehealth use, barriers to accessing telehealth services, how social factors impact telehealth equity, and more. 


Every CIVHC publication is aimed at serving, engaging, educating, or amplifying Change Agents in Colorado and the nation, thereby supporting their good and providing necessary information and tools to help them continue to make health care improvements.

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