Telehealth in Colorado

Providing health care services remotely through telehealth has the potential to improve access to care and advance health equity, especially for patients in rural and under-resourced communities. With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, more providers started offering telehealth services than ever before, and many Coloradans continue to use telehealth as a source of care. In partnership with the Office of e-Health Innovation and others, CIVHC has conducted several analyses to better understand telehealth and how it’s being used by Coloradans. Use these reports to explore trends in telehealth use, provider payment barriers, the impact of social factors on telehealth use and more.

Telehealth Services Analysis

Years of Data: 2019 - 2022
Learn how telehealth services were being used before COVID-19 and trends in telehealth use since March 2020.

Telehealth Equity Analysis

Years of Data: 2021 - 2022
Discover the relationship between social factors in the U.S. Census data such as transportation, employment, and broadband connection and the use of telehealth and in-person visits.

Telehealth vs. In-Person Services Analysis

Years of Data: 2019 - 2020

Understand the impact of COVID-19 on telehealth-eligible services vs. in-person services.

Telehealth Payment Variation and Denied Claims

Years of Data: 2020 - 2021

Determine how much payers receive for telehealth services and how often claims are denied compared to in-person services.