Compare Health Care Data by Region

Use the Community Dashboard data to understand how different aspects of health care – cost, utilization of services, access to care, use of preventive services and treatment for chronic conditions – vary across Colorado counties and Division of Insurance regions. Join our mailing list to get notifications when new information becomes available.

Data Highlights

  • The health care measures in this analysis includes all public and private health insurance payers submitting data to the CO APCD, which represents the majority of covered lives (70% of medically insured) in the state. The CO APCD does not include roughly half of the self-insured employer covered lives and does not include federal programs such as Tricare, Indian Health Services and the VA.
  • Values reflect services and tests that have been paid for by health insurance payers and may look different from other available data based on self-reported survey data (CDC, CDPHE, etc.).
  • 2021 pharmacy claims for Medicare Fee-For-Service were not available for this analysis. Those impacted 2021 data points are displayed as “n/a” on the dashboard and as blank values in the detailed data files.
    • Measures Impacted:
      • Risk-Adjusted Cost Per Person Per Year – all breakdowns
      • Healthy Users Per 1,000 People
      • Non-Users Per 1,000 People
    • Selections impacted:
      • 2021, Medicare FFS, and
      • 2021, All Payers.
  • HEDIS measure results are subject to NCQA copywrite and disclaimers and have not been certified.
  • CIVHC receives Medicare FFS data for the Breast Cancer Screening measure through the QECP program.

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