The Level 2a standard data set was created for health care payers or researchers who don’t need
provider data.

Use cases:

  • Identify areas that can reduce overall health care costs for an individual patient
  • Analyze trends in hospital care including post-op infections, follow-up care, etc.
  • Identify high-priority conditions and services (for example: cardiac disease, preventive services, mental health and substance abuse diagnoses, or diabetes)
  • Identify costs associated with adverse health events

What’s Included?

  • Member and provider composite IDs
  • Member demographics
  • Diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Paid amounts (plan and patient paid portions)
  • Out of network flag
  • Pharmacy data
  • Dental data
  • Payer code

Download the data elements dictionary here.

Not sure which level is right for you? Contact us at ColoradoAPCD@civhc.org to connect with a Health Data Solutions Consultant who can help determine the right data set for you.

Other available data sets:

  • Level 1 – No Payer or Provider-specific info
  • Level 2b – Includes Health Care Provider Information
  • Level 3 – Includes both Payer and Provider information (intended for specific research use)
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