Health Care Utilization

Understanding where patients are accessing health care is an important first step towards the achieving the goal of “the right care at the right time and the right place.” For example, some areas of Colorado have higher rates of ER visits and identifying those areas is necessary to make sure patients have access to and are visiting the most appropriate care settings.


When viewing this report, keep in mind:

  • This information is based on claims data for the vast majority of insured Coloradans, but does not reflect self-pay, the uninsured, some people covered by self-insured employer plans, or those covered under Federal programs like the VA, TRICARE, or Indian Health Services.
  • 30-day Readmissions are calculated as the number of readmissions per 1,000 insured individuals, NOT per 1,000 inpatient admissions
  • Outpatient Services refer to health care visits received in a hospital-based outpatient setting (including dialysis at a hospital and free standing clinics) or ambulatory surgery center.
  • Unplanned hospitalizations is a subset of inpatient hospitalizations and excludes planned procedures like chemotherapy or transplants and potentially planned procedures such as hip replacements and other inpatient surgical treatments.


Utilization Insights

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Utilization Report

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