The Affordability Dashboard provides information on health care cost drivers and opportunities to improve the affordability of health care in Colorado. Using this tool, stakeholders including communities, providers and payers, policy makers, state agencies and others can identify where to focus efforts to drive change.

The Dashboard currently includes analysis in five key areas:

Cost of Care: Health care categories that drive the majority of health care spending, including breakouts of high-cost outpatient services.
Prescription Drug Rebates: Percent of prescription drug spending that comes back to payers in the form of rebates.
Alternative Payment Models: Alternative Payment Models as a percent of total medical payments and primary care payments.
Medicare Reference Based Pricing: Commercial health insurance companies pay hospitals for inpatient and outpatient services as a percent of Medicare.
Low Value Care: Treatments and services that do not improve outcomes for patients, contribute to health care spending, and may cause harm.

Affordability Dashboard

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