USE CASE: Reducing Avoidable ED Visits in Pueblo County

Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation (PTAC) serves as the backbone support organization to coordinate all Pueblo County efforts to make it the healthiest county in Colorado through use of the Triple Aim as foundational principle for improvement.

Request Summary: In 2016, one of the areas of emphasis for PTAC and its partner organizations was to reduce inappropriate ED use through implementation of “upstream” interventions, which they hoped would connect health care entities with community services. PTAC hoped to use the same clinical parameters used by CIVHC  as an avoidable ER visit in order to learn where Pueblo County residents were getting care.

Benefit to Colorado: This report can be used to assist PTAC and its community partners to help reduce emergency department (ED) visits for health issues that could be treated in a doctor’s office, clinic, urgent care, or community based organization setting.