PROFILE: Bringing Preventative Care to the Community

9Health strives to provide objective, evidence-based information and education to help each Coloradan make the right choices for his or her personal health journey. Since inception in 1980, 9Health has helped over 2 million people take control of their health.

Project Summary Designed to foster healthy communities, 9Health offers programs and education to ensure every Coloradan has the opportunity and progresses toward making health  positive choices.

9Health Fairs offer screenings and health education to individuals across the state by pairing media and volunteer providers, 9Health. “This is the age old method of bringing prevention to the people where they are – in churches, schools, clinics,” notes Marla Rodriguez, VP of Communications and Marketing for 9Health.

To further the reach of the fairs, 9Health implemented three additional initiatives focused on health literacy and access to care:

  • 9Health Media Education – The “Health Happens” Facebook Live show has reached over 2 million people, allowing them engage with top medical experts on the important health topics such as the Opioid epidemic with Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director of the CDPHE, Alzheimer’s research with Dr. Huntington Potter, UC Health; insurance premiums and navigation with Marguerite Salazar, Executive Director DORA.
  • 9Health eTools – Virtual prevention programs, including the Centers for Disease Control’s Diabetes Prevention Program and a powerful wellness program with more planned. . Both current programs provide a real person health coach to assist individuals with health goals and prevention.
  • 9Healthy Tickets – Gives small businesses an opportunity to offer preventative health to their employees even if they cannot afford to provide health insurance. Business owners can purchase a discounted book of Healthy Tickets for affordable biometric screenings and a host of other health screenings that can be redeemed at any 9Health Fair.

 Benefit to Colorado  For nearly four decades, 9Health Fairs have been providing preventative screenings in 100s of communities throughout Colorado. When asked about the impact of the health fairs, Rodriguez says, “Hundreds of participants tell us that going to 9Heath Fair saved their life by alerting them to a serious health issue that they did not know about.”