CIVHC was appointed as CO APCD Administrator in August 2010 because of its multi-stakeholder efforts and mission to help Colorado improve value in health care. CIVHC is a non-partisan independent non-profit organization, designed to foster important changes in the health care marketplace. It has no agenda other than improving health, quality and lowering health care costs.

CIVHC’s work as the administrator of the CO APCD includes coordinating the efforts of the CO APCD Advisory Committee, implementing recommendations, ensuring that the database operates in accordance with the legislation, raising necessary funds to support the planning and operation of the database, and ensuring self-sustainability of the CO APCD. CIVHC also identifies new strategies to improve the quality of medical care, contain costs, curb rising insurance premiums and create a more efficient, sustainable health care system in Colorado. As we convene diverse groups of stakeholders across the state, we work to ensure that the CO APCD will supply the data and analytics to support system transformation.

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