The CO APCD provides Coloradans access to aggregate claims information (cost, diagnosis, location, provider type) to identify the costs, utilization and quality of health care services provided in Colorado. By aggregating, analyzing and reporting these claims data, the CO APCD helps consumers, providers, state agencies, researchers, health plans and other organizations by answering the following types of questions:

  • How much will my surgery be?
  • Where should I go for the best quality and lowest price health care services?
  • Which part of the state has the highest obesity rate?
  • Which procedures cost the most and have the highest variation in price?
  • Which hospitals have the lowest prices?
  • Are people visiting the Emergency Room for services they could get for less somewhere else?
  • What is the average length of time people use antidepressant medications?
  • Which facility charges the least for chemotherapy treatment?
  • How far do people in rural areas travel for health care services?
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