Claims data includes information such as costs, facility type and diagnosis that allow us to identify areas for improvement across our health care system. The CO APCD has the ability to inform opportunities to improve health, improve quality of care and lower costs. A wide variety of stakeholders can and are using the CO APCD to answer important questions.

  • Local health alliances and communities are using the CO APCD to identify opportunities for improvement, returns on investment, establish baselines and track trends in cost of care, utilization and population health.
  • Legislators, policymakers and public health officialsare using the CO APCD data to evaluate trends such as regional variations in spending and disease prevalence, estimate impacts of policy changes, and support evaluation of health insurance rates submitted by payers.
  • Consumersare using the CO APCD to shop for high value health care services based on transparent price and quality information.
  • Employer purchasers(both private and public sector) are able to use the CO APCD to analyze impacts of different benefit designs and make value-based decisions about insurance coverage for their employees.
  • Providers and facilitiescan benchmark costs and utilization compared to their peers in order to identify ways to improve care delivery. They can also use CO APCD data to develop new value-based payment strategies that reward improving population health and providing high quality care.
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