It’s impossible for any organization to make such a guarantee. However, we take our responsibility to safeguard the information in the database very, very seriously—and will do everything in our power to ensure its security. A proven track record of data security was one of our paramount criteria for selecting the database vendor. The CO APCD Data Manager has robust systems in place for protecting the data. They use best practices and follow widely-accepted standards for their security controls. They conduct regular tests in which they hire hackers to try to penetrate their defenses, and adjust their systems as necessary. They require and provide continuing education to their staff about the latest in security and protection.

Moreover, CIVHC holds the CO APCD Data Manager accountable for its security practices through our contract with them, so they are highly motivated to maintain a strong security posture.

In the very unlikely event that someone was able to penetrate the multiple levels of security that the CO APCD Data Manager uses, data in the CO APCD is encrypted such that it would be unintelligible.

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