USE CASE – Hepatitis C Specialty Drug Patient Responsibility

Hep C Connection, d.b.a. Liver Health Connection, was founded in 1995, as a “patients helping patients” support and awareness community resource. Alarmed by the increasing incidence of Hepatitis C and the lack of information or resources available to those impacted by the disease, they initially focused on the development and implementation of a support group model and the development of a telephone information and referral service. The organization has grown into a unique and comprehensive model of public awareness and prevention strategies, educational programs, and support services. In 2016, Hep C Connection changed their name to Liver Health Connection and added additional programs to their menu.

Request Summary The Hep C Connection, in collaboration with the Chronic Care Collaborative, wanted to collect data related to the cost of specialty prescription drugs in order to help improve transparency for consumers in Colorado. They believed that by increasing transparency around high cost prescriptions, consumers could make more informed decisions when selecting a health insurance plan. In addition, it would identify if there was an increased burden being put on consumers in the form of higher copays and deductibles which could ultimately impact whether or not a patient with Hep C could receive treatment for their condition.

Benefit to Colorado Through increased transparency, Colorado residents can make more informed health plan purchasing decisions by understanding their estimated medication costs and out-of-pocket costs before purchasing health insurance.  This data also helps to advance the Triple Aim by increasing access to care, and achieving better health as a result.