USE CASE: Creating Complete Records of Care

Health Data Compass (Compass) is a health data warehouse that integrates data from the University of Colorado Hospital (UCHealth), Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO), CU Medicine (formally called University Physicians Inc. (UPI)), and University of Colorado Denver (UCD) to support a broad range of research at these four institutions.

Request Summary Health Data Compass hoped to link CO APCD data for specific patients to the existing health data warehouse. Because many UCHealth and CHCO patients receive healthcare services at the hospital as well as outside the hospital setting, incorporating CO APCD information into Health Data Compass will allow them to provide a more complete dataset on UCHealth and CHCO patients.

Benefit to Colorado By integrating CO APCD data with information in the health data warehouse, the requestors aimed to create a more complete record of care for their patients. Participating providers would be able to see all of the care their patients receive, even care given in facilities other than UCHealth and CHCO. This big picture view of each patient will allow providers and researchers to make more informed decisions regarding treatment, resulting in better outcomes.