USE CASE: Diagnostic Tool for Chronic Condition

A health care technology company hoped to eliminate some of the trial and error associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) treatment.

Project Summary: Successful management of chronic conditions frequently requires years of costly trial and error with medications and treatment regimens. In Colorado and the surrounding states, there is a growing incidence of IBD. This condition comes with a high price tag as annual treatment costs in recent years ranged from $12,679 to $18,739 per patient. Using commercial CO APCD data with specific IBD procedural codes, worked to create algorithms to determine what medications and treatments have the best outcomes and lowest costs for patients. The company planned to build a tool for providers to compare, in real-time, their specific patient’s demographic and medical information to others in a large database to identify the best treatment options based on cost and effectiveness.

Benefit to Colorado: This project could impact Coloradans suffering from GI concerns by eliminating much of the trial and error associated with diagnosis and treatment. By streamlining this process, individuals would get better care, quicker, thus lowering costs while increasing quality.