USE CASE: Informing Switch to Value-Based Care Model

Healthcare provider operating in Colorado sought to move from a volume based economic model to a more value based model based on cost containment, quality outcomes and patient satisfaction. Currently, this provider is able to receive independent verification of quality outcomes and patient satisfaction, but is unable to obtain cost structure information.

Project Summary: The provider requested CO APCD data in order to independently verify cost structures within market parameters. This information, combined with quality outcome and patient satisfaction data provided by current market forces will assist them in completing this picture to meet all three triple aim measures.


Benefit to Colorado: The health care provider was able to determine that the data in the CO APCD was accurate when compared with their internal data. A few service lines (knees and shoulders) were found to be a higher cost than expected which allowed the health care provider to examine ways to make their services more competitive in the interest of patient satisfaction.