Studies have also shown that, for the U.S. as a whole, per-capita dental emergency department (ED) visits have been increasing, and that dental ED visits are growing as a percentage of all ED visits. Most dental ED visits are for non-traumatic, non-emergent dental conditions, resulting in higher costs for payers and patients.

This non-profit, along with stakeholder partners, was interested in reducing the number of ED visits for non-traumatic dental disorders. With CO APCD data, they identified which counties and areas across the state had the highest rates of non-traumatic dental visits in EDs.  In collaboration with other stakeholders, they used this information in order to develop regional, community-level strategies to reduce unnecessary dental ED education and assistance with referral to dental clinics.

Benefit to Colorado This use case of the CO APCD  helps improve overall health of Coloradans and lower costs by ensuring patients get the right level of care at the right time through patient education and provider training on prevention of dental disease.