USE CASE: Health Care Utilization, Access to Care and Outcomes Among Adults With Complex Chronic Childhood Conditions

The University of California San Francisco’s Center for Healthcare Value (UCSF) brings together expertise in clinical care, research methods, implementation sciences, health policy, health care delivery, law, information technology, entrepreneurship, and business to address the barriers to providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare and innovation.

Project Summary: The long-term goal of this project is to understand what clinical resources adults with chronic complex childhood conditions need and what policies help them obtain those resources. Researchers at UCSF hope to use CO APCD data to understand variation in utilization, costs, and quality and how the care provided impacts outcomes. Additionally, they will investigate how the Affordable Care Act effected insurance status or outcomes for the patient population.

Benefit to Colorado:  Information from this analysis could help clinicians and policymakers understand how variations in cost, utilization, and quality impact outcomes for adults with chronic complex childhood conditions. This understanding has the potential to lead to policy change that lowers costs and improves care for these Coloradans.