USE CASE: Evaluating Migration for Care and Available Workforce

San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership (SLVPHP) is made up of six rural county health agencies in southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley region engaged in cross-jurisdictional sharing arrangements to improve public health services throughout the region. They are working to develop and sustain public health systems to improve health outcomes throughout the San Luis Valley.

 Project Summary SLVPHP is using the Outpatient Migration by Provider/Service Category report developed using CO APCD data. The report will help SLVPHP to understand a baseline for care provided outside the San Luis Valley, to track gaps in services and the health-sector workforce as well as investigate the health status of the local community and assess the costs of transportation to treatment.

Benefit to Colorado The findings of this report will inform local public health resource allocation, help evaluate existing programs, and provide information necessary to address workforce shortages and transportation costs.