We are currently living through historic unrest and, in the middle of a pandemic, are witnessing the consequences of centuries of oppression and discrimination of people of color in this country, especially our Black friends and neighbors. Racism impacts every facet of life for an enormous number of Americans and must be denounced.

Racism and socio-economic disparities are the primary drivers of health inequity. As an organization whose very mission is to improve the health and lives of all Coloradans, we commit to taking affirmative steps to identify and highlight the racial and socio-economic drivers of health inequity in order to accomplish our mission of the Triple Aim.

Our Commitment:

  1. As an organization and as individuals:
  • We commit to educating ourselves on the impacts of structural racism and social injustice, acknowledging how we can improve, and facing uncomfortable situations with integrity and patience.
  • We commit to working toward diversifying our staff, board, and committees, creating a culture of diversity and inclusivity with an intention to understand all viewpoints and reduce biases.
  1. As administrator of the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD):
  • We commit to bringing geocoded information into CO APCD and finding additional ways to improve access to data on the social determinants of health within the database, including race, ethnicity, income level, education, housing, and transportation.
  • We commit to improving newly required data submission fields that identify race, ethnicity and language preference to improve visibility and understanding of the racial and social inequities inherent in the health care system.
  1. As partners:
  • We commit to seeking new and strengthening existing partnerships with organizations representing and led by people of color, specifically organizations with a focus on increasing equity in health and health care.
  • We commit to actively participating in these partnerships to amplify the voices of those seeking to create a culture of equality and positive change, and to support their work in the community.

We recognize that at all levels of engagement we can and must do more to fight racism and inequality. We look forward to joining with the many other organizations and individuals in the Colorado and national health care communities who are equally ready for action and determined to alter the status quo.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us at info@civhc.org.