Updated claims from Commercial and Medicaid payers spanning 2011-2014, as well as measures for preventive care and chronic conditions can provide new opportunities to evaluate trends in health care utilization and spending across Colorado.

“Enhancing the data available in the Colorado All Payer Claims Database is another important step forward to identify and understand how healthy we are as a state and where we are spending our health care dollars,” said Ana English, CIVHC’s Chief Executive Officer and President. “New utilization, chronic disease and prevention measures are available for the first time, enabling us to identify targeted areas for improvement.”

New in this release:

  • 2013- 2014 Medicaid and Commercial Claims       
  • Views by Health Statistics Regions
  • Observation Stays
  • Chronic Condition Prevalence (Hypertension and Depression)
  • Preventive Care Measures (Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Colorectal Screening, and Diabetes Care LDL-C Testing)

Cost of care information offers only one piece of the health care puzzle for Colorado. Claims data from the CO APCD also provides insights into disease prevalence variation and quality of care, opening new avenues to move us closer to the ultimate goal: better care, lower costs, and a healthier Colorado.

Plans are underway to develop an new website platform that will contain data from Medicare, provide users with more comparative views and options, and give consumers prices for more health care services.

CIVHC and the CO APCD are powered, in part, by generous grants from The Colorado Health Foundation and The Colorado Trust.


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