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Colorado All Payer Claims Database Launching in November

The Colorado APCD website goes live November 1st, 2012, and will allow us for the first time to start evaluating the big drivers affecting health care cost and utilization in our state. To celebrate this important milestone, CIVHC is hosting a launch event at The Colorado Trust from 10-11:30am. Please join us and other health care leaders in the state as we share some of the early data and findings in the APCD and demonstrate how to use the interactive website to search the health data of interest to you.

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What is CIVHC Doing to Address Palliative Care? Part III of III in a Series of FAQs

In Parts I and II of my series, “What is Palliative Care?”, and “Why Focus on Palliative Care?”, I explained why palliative care has become a specific focus area for CIVHC to address the Triple Aim of improving health, enhancing health care quality and containing costs. In this final post, I'll explain CIVHC’s work to date convening task forces and implementing recommendations to address palliative care Triple Aim opportunities.

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