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Colorado Medicaid Bill Enables Important Value-Based Payment Reform

This week, Governor Hickenlooper will sign HB 1281, setting up 2-year payment reform pilots within Colorado’s Medicaid program. Brief pilot programs might seem like baby steps – but for a program as large and challenging as Medicaid, they are essential “proofs of concept.” And these pilots will likely have a big impact on how Medicaid takes shape in the coming years. This legislation is important both for the path it lays out for Medicaid’s future, and for the broad bipartisan and multi-stakeholder consensus it reflects.

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Shedding Some Much Needed Light on the Health Care Market

As an economist, I understand all too well that there can be no meaningful and well-functioning market without accessible and actionable information to inform consumer choices. Health care is no exception, yet we currently have very few places to turn for data that helps us make educated purchasing decisions that drive value into the system. Fortunately this situation is beginning to be addressed nationally through Health Care Cost Institute’s (HCCI) national claims database and CIVHC’s more robust Colorado All Payer Claims Database (APCD).

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