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Moving Forward

Similar to the ever-changing health care landscape in Colorado, CIVHC has evolved over the years to address the key health care needs of our state. CIVHC was originally created in 2008 by Executive Order of the Governor in recognition of the need to have a systemic, statewide approach to advancing the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs. Much of our work in the early days centered around convening organizations and facilitating important conversations on how to improve the payment and delivery system and how data could support those efforts. We are still very active in our convening role, especially regarding our delivery system care transitions work with Healthy Transitions Colorado. Our mission has remained primarily the same which is to cultivate strategic initiatives that improve the health of Coloradans, contain costs and ensure maximum value for health care received.

However, with our work to establish the Colorado All Payer Claims Database and through collaboration with other organizations collecting essential health data in the state, our vision has taken a slightly different focus. That vision is for Colorado to be leveraging data and analytics to lead the nation in realizing the Triple Aim.

Over the last six months, we developed a robust five year strategy with five key initiatives to build on our successes and help to achieve the Triple Aim. I will talk in more detail about our strategies in my blog next month, but in order to achieve our mission and vision, we knew we first needed to have strong pillars, or values, to support our strategies. We believe the following to be foundational and key to all we do:

So what do our values mean? Basically we are focusing our efforts and raising the bar to support the Triple Aim as a trusted, objective, value-oriented, credible, comprehensive, and stakeholder-focused organization!

We know that in order to be a credible, valuable organization for the state, we must be passionate about continually strengthening our pillars to further the value and support we provide to help Colorado lead the nation in realizing the Triple Aim. Here are some of the keys to success we’ve identified relating to our values:

  • In order to be trusted and objective, we must operate as “Switzerland” and ensure we are taking all perspectives into consideration.
  • “NO FLUFF”is the motto of our analytics team because of the fact that so many reports get looked at once and never result in any action. With every data request or analytic need we first ask the questions:
    • Can someone take action based on the information and how it is presented?
    • Does this help to answer an important question or need?
    • Does this raise awareness of variation and a potential opportunity?
    • Does this help to isolate areas to dig deeper and research further?
  • Everything we do must ultimately support the Triple Aim. This is extremely broad but with each and every initiative we take on we must be able to answer YES to at least one of the following: Does it impact overall health, help to contain costs, or ensure maximum value and quality of care for Coloradans?
  • Having credible and comprehensive data and analytic services is extremely critical and is a major focus. To continually improve the data and outputs of the APCD, we recently hired a VP of Analytics and Data Operations, and are adding staff focused on deeper quality assurance of our data and applying focused resources to:
    • Enhance the level of analysis regarding the quality of each of the payer submissions (commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid);
    • Continue to evaluate, develop, enhance and add health care data to the warehouse beyond the current administrative (claims payments and utilization, eligibility, and providers) data. This is not an easy task and our goal is to incrementally gain ground over time through collaboration with multiple organizations across the state.
  • The needs and goals of each of our customers is different whether a consumer, employer, payer, hospital, provider, academic/research entity or government agency. We know that one size shoe doesn’t fit all. Each of these stakeholder groups needs are different and evolving at different paces. We must listen to each stakeholder and understand their goals and how we may be able to support them to identify opportunities to effect positive health care change.

I welcome feedback on CIVHC’s pillars to support our strategies and how we may continue to build a highly functioning organization critical to Colorado’s success in achieving the Triple Aim. Next month I will discuss our key strategic initiatives and what that means to Colorado.

About the Author: Ana English is CIVHC's President and CEO. Contact her at

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Ronni Anderson
Excellent article Ana! I am so impressed with the direction CIVHC and you are heading. I believe the CIVHC Strategic Pillars and Triple Aim focus can spearhead the differences that will be made healthcare.
5/18/2015 3:14:02 PM

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