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Consumers are More Than Ready

My two 79 year-old parents recently marveled at the ease at which they can see results from lab tests and x-rays from University Hospital’s patient portal at their own convenience before going to see their doctors for their follow-up visit. They were thrilled that their personal health information is available to them, right in front of them, just as their physician sees it. And shouldn’t they? This is their health information and it’s vital to help them engage and take care of themselves.

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Getting Mad with the APCD

When people have to pay more than others for the same services, and the reasons are unclear, it’s not surprising when anger ensues. We’ve seen this play out recently with the health insurance rates in Colorado’s resort communities, and Colorado’s Division of Insurance has responded by evaluating data to search for potential solutions. It was a perfect illustration of how data from the All Payer Claims Database can inform those debates and help shape responses.

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Risk Adjustment and Burden of Illness in Colorado APCD Utilization Compared to Expected Reports

(The third installment in an ongoing series dedicated to helping Coloradans
better understand health care claims data available on

Previous articles in this series attempted to explain risk adjustment and burden of illness concepts and demonstrate how these concepts apply to Total Cost of Care Compared to Expected (C2E) reports available on the Colorado APCD website. This third installment explains how risk adjustment and burden of illness concepts apply to Utilization C2E reports and provides examples of how this information can be used to better understand potential reasons for observed variation in the use of health care services in Colorado.

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