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"Doc Fix" and the Potential to Improve Readmissions

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the “doc fix” or the proposed repeal of the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula (SGR). The SGR was put into law in 1997 as part of an attempt to regulate Medicare spending and essentially linked physician Medicare reimbursement to an economic target. The formula turned out to be rather quirky and soon resulted in proposed reimbursement cuts of more than 5 percent per year.

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What’s all this about Risk Adjustment and Burden of Illness?

If you’ve spent time looking at health care cost, utilization and quality data (and who hasn’t!), you have no doubt come across the terms risk adjustment and burden of illness. Unless you are a down in the weeds health policy data wonk (that term is used here in the most affectionate way!), you may be utterly baffled as to what all of this means.

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