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CIVHC Celebrates Five Year Anniversary and New Staff

February 13th marked five years since Governor Ritter signed the Executive Order to develop the Center for Improving Value in Health Care. In those five years since CIVHC was merely an idea born out of the 208 Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform, much has changed for our organization and our state as a whole. The future of health care in Colorado looks bright, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce several new staff and highlight some new resources we made available this month in support of Colorado efforts.

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Getting Patients to Choose a Honda Over a BMW

An email with the subject line “Patients Prefer High Cost Care” came through my inbox a few weeks ago. It was spurred by a recent study in Health Affairs revealing that patients would typically select a higher cost service like an MRI over a lower cost CT scan even after being educated on the marginal difference between the results.

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