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New Ways to Pay for Medical Care Can Lower Costs

People often wonder why health care costs so much. Surprisingly, the answer may lie not just in the price of medical care, but also in the way we pay for it.

Our current "system" rewards inefficient, high-cost medicine and penalizes efficient, low-cost health care. Because patients and insurance companies pay for each visit, procedure, prescription and lab test separately, there are built-in incentives for more care without regard to whether it is the right care or is making a difference in patients' health. As a result of the current health care payment structure, many experts believe that 20 to 30 percent of care provided does not add value – or even potentially harms the patient.

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The All Payer Claims Database: Tools and Transparency to Make Informed Health Care Choices

As a patient, would you like to know how much a medical procedure will cost you before you get it? As a buyer of insurance, would you like to know how the providers in one health plan’s network compare on cost and quality measures with those in another? As a Colorado taxpayer, would you like to know how new initiatives from Medicaid, the Child Health Plan Plus and public health departments are affecting health outcomes and costs?

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