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Moving Forward, Part II

In my last blog I talked about the importance of CIVHC’s five pillars to support our strategies and advance our mission to cultivate initiatives that improve health, health care, and lower costs in Colorado. This month I’ll share with you what we’re calling CIVHC 2.0 – taking our work and support to the next level to advance health care in Colorado.

To recap, our value pillars include making sure we’re trusted and objective; value-oriented; Triple-Aim driven; credible and comprehensive; and stakeholder-focused. Please refer to the graphic for a description of each of our pillars.

Our pillars provide the foundation and guiding principles for how we operate our programs, data management and analytic services, and provide support to initiatives across the state and nation. Our ultimate goal is to identify opportunities to support positive change in health care cost, outcomes and delivery; to make that information available, and bring together key stakeholders to pilot and pave the way for new payment systems and delivery models.

We are pleased with the progress we’ve made thus far as a state and as an organization, but we know more can be done. We are committed to taking our support and the Colorado APCD to the next level to collectively advance the Triple Aim. This next phase for us – CIVHC 2.0 – reaffirms our commitment to providing integral information and support and includes a strategy to make major strides in our capacity to provide timely, actionable information that can be used to truly advance health care for Colorado.

Our Commitment to Colorado

  • CIVHC is steadfast in our commitment to provide credible, objective and actionable data from the APCD and other sources to advance the Triple Aim in Colorado.
  • We believe that comprehensive, actionable data is the cornerstone of improvement and is critical in our role to inform opportunities, convene and support health care initiatives.

More Can Be Done

  • The Colorado APCD is the envy of many states due to the unprecedented amount of comprehensive data currently available to stakeholders, and it has already been instrumental in identifying opportunities and supporting innovation.
  • However, we recognize that we’ve only just begun to harness the potential power that the APCD and other data sources can have on consumer and stakeholder decision-making to advance health care.

Increased Capabilities and Output

  • We are in the process of taking our current data intake, processing and analytic capabilities to the next level where even more insights and information can be gleaned and made available to the health care community.
  • We’ve recently hired additional staff that will enable us to provide more community support and be more proactive in discovering and implementing better ways to bring new and existing data into the warehouse, process and ultimately analyze and provide the information for Colorado.

Vision for the Future

  • By building our support and analytics team and looking for ways to enhance the APCD, combine it with other data sources and increase accessibility of the information, our vision is for the information and our work in general to be even more meaningful and directly beneficial to advancing the Triple Aim in Colorado.

Prior to our establishment and throughout our history, many organizations have helped us shape our mission and programs. These key partners provide us with insight on where we can be most relevant and supportive. As we embark upon our strategy to achieve CIVHC 2.0, our partners will continue to be instrumental to us to help keep our work relevant, meaningful and prominent. Thank you in advance for your continued support, and I welcome any feedback you may have to make CIVHC 2.0 even more valuable to your organization and Colorado.

About the Author: Ana English is CIVHC's President and CEO. Contact her at


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