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One Year Milestone Celebrations

These past couple months have been full of milestones both personally and for CIVHC. As I get older I’m more cognizant of both the passing of time and what I make of it. I’m trying to be more attentive to key milestones and take every opportunity to celebrate them . As I prepared to write about a couple of key one year milestones for CIVHC, I couldn’t help but think about the one year milestone (6/22) of having become a first-time grandfather to Theo.  I am incorrigible about showing pictures of him and am certain that all of our health care readers will be equally as interested in seeing documentation of how far Theo has come as he hits his first year milestone.

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Specialist Health Reform Survival Tips

I was asked by a good friend who is an orthopedic surgeon to put together a list of action items that a forward-thinking orthopedic surgery group should be considering during these dynamic health care times. From my former experience running a successful orthopedic practice and my current work with CIVHC focusing on health care reform specific to paying for high-value health care, I have assembled a list of suggested “to-dos” that specialists should consider to remain vital in the upcoming years.

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