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CIVHC Convenes Innovation Challenge Applicants with Foundation, Payers to Leverage Triple Aim Projects

The spirit of innovation is alive and well in Colorado health care. And, even as providers, patient advocates and health plans respond to local needs, they’re identifying many of the same problems. Even more striking: they agree that the changes they need to make to improve health, improve care and control costs can’t be done without radically transforming the way we pay for health care.

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Filling a Void – EMS Providers Step Up To Address Community Health Care Needs

Last month I had the pleasure of representing CIVHC at the International Roundtable for Community Paramedicine (IRCP) conference in Vancouver, Canada. My friends and family were a bit surprised (and somewhat jealous!) to learn I was travelling out of the country for a conference. I explained that CIVHC identifies and promotes innovative solutions to address Colorado’s health care crisis, and the IRCP is the only conference that focuses exclusively on the up and coming community paramedic model. Community paramedic programs, although relatively new to the US, have proven successful in improving health and saving costs, and CIVHC is identifying how this model might fill gaps across Colorado.

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New Health Care Payment and Delivery Approaches at Work in Colorado

Edie SonnChanging how we pay for health care – the process of moving from the current fee-for-service, pay-for-volume method to paying instead for quality and value – takes time and effort. It won’t be an easy proposition to shift to models that support care coordination, that bundle payments for chronic diseases or that reward providers for meeting cost and quality measures.

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Standing Up for Being Fiscally Responsible and Humane

In grad school, our cigar chomping chairman of the department would explode with a resounding Horse Sh#@t whenever somebody gave an answer that wasn’t well thought out, supported by facts or was just plain wrong. Get it wrong on all three counts and his cigar would fly across the room at about the same speed as his expletive. It got your attention.

As I held my breath waiting for the Supreme Court decision, and fearing the Accountable Care Act (ACA) would be overturned, I reflected on the times when I could have responded with my professor’s epithet when facts were being ignored or willfully misconstrued. It wouldn’t have changed a thing but would have felt good for the moment.

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Why Focus on Palliative Care to Achieve Triple Aim? Part II in a Series of FAQs

Considering the fact that CIVHC ‘s expansive charge is to improve the quality of care and bend the cost curve for health care across the state of Colorado, many people wonder why CIVHC has committed to an effort so specific as improving access to high quality palliative care, especially at such an early stage in our organization’s development. Perhaps an organization such as CIVHC should be more focused on “big picture” issues in Colorado, by identifying where we have the greatest opportunities to impact the quality and cost of care for the largest segments of our population. In 2008, the members of CIVHC’s planning committee took on that exercise, and identified palliative care as one of those opportunities.

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