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CO Health Alliances: Leading Change Locally

Today's health care landscape is changing rapidly, and the action at the state and national level is receiving a lot of attention. However, much is happening at the local level, too. Local communities are coming together and taking the initiative to improve their own health care systems in exciting and innovative ways. Although certainly catalyzed by recent state and national health reforms, this movement has been gaining steam for years.

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Colorado APCD Data to Hit the National Transparency Scene

The latest long, fairly difficult to remember acronym to come into play for CIVHC and the Colorado All Payer Claims Database is “HRCMT”. While none of us have been waiting around to learn another health care acronym, the Healthcare Regional Cost Measurement and Transparency project has the promise to make a big impact nationally using data from the Colorado APCD and other similar databanks in other states.

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Debt, Data and Deciders

The landscape in American health care is changing, and it's affecting us here in Colorado. At CIVHC we talk about three major trends in American health care: debt, data and deciders. These tsunamis of change are affecting every aspect of American life, not just health care.

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Tipping Point on Health Care Prices?

Captain Renault in “Casablanca” was “shocked – shocked!” to discover there was gambling taking place in Rick’s CafĂ©. Of course, he wasn’t shocked at all; in fact, he uttered that line as he was being handed a pile of money by a croupier. That brief encounter brilliantly encapsulated a cynical culture in which everyone was on the take, yet pretended they weren’t.

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