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APCD Harnesses the Power of the Internet

Originally appeared in the November/December issue of Colorado Medicine.

In recent years, the Internet has empowered consumers to make informed choices on products and services on everything from restaurants to books to plumbing. Yet, when it comes to health care, we’ve been essentially stuck in the horse-and-buggy days.

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Big Data: Key Ingredients for Informing Innovation

The term “Big Data” is a popular phrase these days across social media and blogs, especially when it comes to health care. It’s not surprising given the challenges we’re facing with health care at the national level and the fact that data is key to managing any improvement effort. While the term “Big Data” is becoming synonymous with the golden ticket, it has the potential to become dangerous when used too broadly without a common definition. When it comes to data - “big” or “small” - not all are created equal, but the power of the right data can be instrumental to identify and inform meaningful, innovative change.

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My Prescription is How Much?

When we think of filling our prescriptions with generic drugs, we generally consider them a low cost, equally effective alternative to a brand name medication. We’ve also heard about the power of generics to move the price of brand name drugs and lower prescription medication spending overall. A recent example of this is Lipitor. Lipitor (generic name Atorvastatin) is a widely used cholesterol lowering medication that became available in the last half of 2012 as a generic. The generic version provided a lower cost option at less than one third of the cost of the name brand Lipitor. CIVHC analysis of data from the Colorado All Payer Claims Database pre and post-introduction of the generic version of Lipitor shows that the price per day for the brand Lipitor also dropped substantially as a result of generic competition which provided consumers with more alternatives.

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