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Common Post-Launch All Payer Claims Database Questions

As many of you are aware, Colorado’s All Payer Claims Database went live on November 1st at The initial response has been very positive and the APCD has enjoyed extensive press coverage both locally and nationally. Along with the initial flurry of website activity and news coverage we've received some common questions which are answered below. For the complete list of APCD Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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Clinical Integration Versus Market Consolidation: An Important Distinction

What do we mean when we use the term “integrated care”?

This question struck me as I read about a health plan’s recent purchase of a network of providers in another state. The plan CEO and the reporter both used the phrase “integration” to describe the company’s strategy. But the vision of integration that emerged was less about clinical care and more about business share—a vision that differs markedly from that of CIVHC and many other stakeholders. And it’s important to understand that distinction.

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Obamacare: Hope, Fear and Misinformation

Recently I spoke about Obamacare to two different community groups. My expectations of each group were different given their locale – one was in well-to-do neighborhood that trends quite red at the voting booth (I was braced for anything up to and including a death panel discussion) and the other was in central Denver which I guessed would be more progressive in tenor. It turns out that the conversations were nearly identical and characterized by a striking polarity in which nearly everyone simultaneously viewed Obamacare with hope and fear.

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