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Controlling Costs Through Payment Reform

While Colorado spends $30 billion in health care every year, costs continue to increase while value decreases. Yet, Colorado is better poised than many states to take on the challenge of improving health outcomes and stabilizing and/or decreasing costs due to its examples of structured, coordinated health care delivery systems...

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My Shift on Tuesday

First patient: An eight year old girl with chest pain and concern for sexual abuse.  Sad that my mind processes how long this will take and how complicated this will be instead of how sad this child must be. I walk in and meet the young girl and her grandmother.  Grandma begins the conversation with a description of her granddaughter’s chest pain, which I quickly conclude is benign and needs no tests...

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Welcome to Voices On Value!

Welcome to the CIVHC blog!  I’m Jay Want, and it’s been my pleasure to chair the Governor’s Center for Improving Value in Health Care for the past year and a half.  I’d like to use my first entry to explain briefly why CIVHC exists, and how I believe it will change Colorado health care over the next few years... 

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