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A Letter From CIVHC's New CEO: Ana English

I am excited to be a part of CIVHC and working again in Colorado! My first official day was August 4, 2014, and within a few days I was in awe of the number of health care improvement activities occurring in Colorado and all there is to learn. To get up to speed as quickly as possible, my calendar is already full of meetings with staff, key stakeholders and business leaders that play an essential role in the success of CIVHC. Of critical importance is hearing directly from you and understanding the important role you play in Colorado’s health care landscape and what support CIVHC might be able to provide you along your journey.

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Paramedics Save the Day...and Then Some

When asked to list types of primary care health care providers, the majority of people would probably say doctor or nurse. With prodding, perhaps pharmacists, public health providers, and medical assistants would come to mind. Paramedics and EMTs may not top the list, but Eagle County’s Community Paramedic program is starting to change people’s perceptions of paramedics.

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We Have Money for You (Seriously)

In six years of college, I never heard the phrase, “we have a scholarship for you.” No, it didn’t take me six years to finish a college degree; that was my little brother, who ironically enough was actually offered a scholarship. In my six years between undergraduate and graduate school, the phrase “we have a bill for you” was the one I heard. Back then I never would have anticipated that one day I would help run a program to provide scholarship money to organizations in pursuit of improving health care.

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