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Making the Right Care Available When it Matters Most

Several years ago, a friend of mine was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer at a very young age. Treatment options were uncertain and sometimes experimental. He and his family were lucky and were enrolled in a high-quality palliative care program that addressed not just his pain and symptoms, but also helped his family make choices about care in the future, supported his wife in her new role as a caregiver, connected them to resources at the hospital and beyond that could work with them as the disease progressed, and most importantly for him, helped his young daughter come to terms with what his illness could mean for her.

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Moving Forward

Similar to the ever-changing health care landscape in Colorado, CIVHC has evolved over the years to address the key health care needs of our state. CIVHC was originally created in 2008 by Executive Order of the Governor in recognition of the need to have a systemic, statewide approach to advancing the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs.

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Comparative Performance Data for Physicians: An Important First Step for the Colorado APCD

As an economist, I know that credible information based on analysis of reliable data is worth its weight in gold. But, I also know that it is important not just to provide information, but to impart meaning and motivate action based on the results. To really make a difference, you have to engage all stakeholders in the health care community, get them to ‘take notice’ of the information and weave a story around the data to spark change.

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Building a Blueprint: Solving Data Integration at 10.10.10

In March I attended a unique event called 10.10.10. This inaugural gathering brought together tech entrepreneurs and health care experts to mull solutions to health care’s most vexing problems: health data, Alzheimer’s, childhood obesity, and others. The basic construct: ten entrepreneurs, ten wicked problems, ten days to work on them. The gathering yielded what you often get when you bring a diverse group of people together: different viewpoints, and resulting insights into one’s own area by seeing it through different eyes.

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SGR Repeal and the End of Fee for Service Payments: A New Era for Forward Thinking Physician Groups

The perennial “Doc Fix” debate is nearing an end. On April 14th, the Senate voted overwhelmingly (92-8) to repeal the sustainable growth rate (SGR) and implement a new payment model for physicians participating in Medicare. The House approved the bill last month with an unusually high degree of bipartisanship. President Obama has said he would sign the legislation.

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