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Statewide Payment Reform and Delivery System Redesign Inventory Now Available

To inform and advance the Triple Aim goals of improving health, enhancing health care quality, and achieving cost containment, the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC) released an updated inventory identifying health care payment reform strategies and delivery system redesign initiatives in Colorado that are in various stages of development and implementation.

The inventory includes over 60 projects led by over 40 organizations and is intended to be a reference as we consider progress made to date and identify opportunities to "connect the dots" toward building an efficient and effective health care system for Colorado.

In addition to the initiatives included in the inventory, CIVHC also monitors ideas that are in the incubation stage (e.g., applications to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Challenge that did not receive awards). Our goal is to identify opportunities to "scale up" community-specific responses to challenges that exist statewide, in order to minimize duplication and develop coordinated statewide approaches.

It is important to note that this overview of strategies does not address the results and outcomes of the initiatives described. In many cases, the Colorado programs listed are just launching, and there is no (or insufficient) data to evaluate. Readers are encouraged to refer to the CIVHC/Colorado Health Institute white paper "New Approaches to Paying for Health Care: Implications for Quality Improvement and Cost Containment in Colorado" for an overview of the available evidence nationwide regarding the non-fee-for-service payment strategies described below. In future documents, CIVHC will provide assessments of the effectiveness of the interventions listed.

The overviews are based on information provided by the participants themselves. While the inventory captures a number of health care payment reform and delivery system redesign initiatives underway in Colorado, this is a working document that may not yet include all efforts in progress.

To access the inventory and other payment reform and delivery system resources, click here.

Please contact for more information and to request additions/updates to future versions.