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CIVHC Participating in National Healthcare Regional Cost Measurement &Transparency (HRCMT) Project

CIVHC is one of five partner organizations collaborating on an effort led by the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to identify drivers of regional health care costs and develop strategies to reduce spending at the community level. Under the HRCMT project, Colorado APCD data is being analyzed to better understand the drivers of health care costs for primary care physician (PCP) groups. Collective strategies developed as part of this project will provide guidance to communities interested in using this information to help reduce costs while improving patient care. The initiative differs from similar studies in that it will evaluate cost and resource use based on commercial claims data where traditionally only Medicare information has been analyzed.

Features of the HRCMT project:

  • Implement a National Quality Forum endorsed total cost of care and relative resource use measure set across multiple states/regions and report results back to individual PCP groups.
  • Develop summary information to facilitate meaningful comparisons of relative performance.
  • Work with PCP groups and other stakeholders to develop use cases to better understand how this information can be used.
  • Initial reports, based on analysis of 2013 claims data, will be distributed to PCP groups in December 2014 along with information intended to facilitate understanding of the results.
  • The overall goal is to provide PCP groups with information on relative performance that will help identify opportunities to improve care and reduce costs.

Efforts focused on PCP group partners, including the development of use cases, will contribute to a curriculum for helping physicians turn the results into strategies for reducing costs while maintaining quality. Dr. Jay Want, CIVHC Chief Medical Officer, helped to lead a National Physician Leadership Summit at Stanford University in August that highlighted the importance and potential uses of total cost of care and resource use measurement data. The HRCMT project will culminate in a national summit in early 2015 that will review the results of this research and discuss implications from the perspective of the project partners, primary care physicians and payers.

For more information on the HRCMT project, please visit the NRHI project website available at:

If you have questions related to CIVHC participation in theHRCMT project, contact Jonathan Mathieu, Director of Data and Research, at