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A cure for health care

Whether or not federal reform improves quality, increases access and reduces costs, the onslaught of political grandstanding, partisan bickering and negative ads over health care will do little or nothing to advance that goal.

But if recent and local history is any indication, a debate characterized by thoughtful discourse, diplomacy, listening to different perspectives, forming unexpected partnerships and exploring new ideas can turn the health policy dial in the right direction — toward real innovation resulting in better and more affordable care.

Fortunately, in Colorado — a state known for its pioneering spirit and practicality — there is no shortage of innovative and collaborative thinking that will ultimately save and improve lives.

Time and time again, we've seen that great things can happen when different stakeholders in health care uncover common ground. And while many differences remain among the stakeholders, encouraging developments are taking shape in Colorado. For example: ...The Center for Improving Value in Health Care.

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