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Health Care Data Transparency

Focus Areas

Data and Transparency

If you are buying a car or a computer, you are likely to compare the cost and quality of a range of products to make your decision. Automobile and electronics manufacturers, therefore, have an incentive to make their products as high quality and affordable as possible.

Unfortunately, this dynamic is missing from the health care sector. Information on cost and quality are hard to come by, in particular for consumers and employers who are unfamiliar with how the health care system works. Without this information, costs can continue to rise and quality in medical services can vary. 

To address this, CIVHC is working to increase transparency and accountability in Colorado’s health care system by making comparative cost, quality and safety data for all providers, health plans and medical facilities available to consumers and businesses statewide.  By having access to this information, Coloradans will be able to choose the best, most affordable health care for themselves and their families, while providers will have incentives to contain costs and ensure consistently high-quality care.

Find cost and utilization comparison information in the Colorado All Payer Claims Database.

Click here to explore reports and analyses from the CO APCD.