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Triple Aim Focus Areas

Focus Areas


Creating a picture of health for Colorado can be challenging. There are many complex and interrelated issues and many players involved – both inside and outside of the health care system.

In Colorado, many organizations are only able to focus on the individual pieces of our state’s health care system. CIVHC is unique in that we are looking at the entire picture. We aim to identify the pieces that are out of place, missing or simply don’t fit, and understand their impact on the structure as a whole. In this way, we can recommend needed system-wide changes across the health care spectrum and engage stakeholders in achieving improved health care quality and cost containment.

CIVHC's current strategic initiatives were selected based on national and local evidence of high-impact opportunities to reduce cost and improve the patient experience:

It is believed that one of the reasons health care costs are rising so quickly and quality is so variable in the U.S. is that the marketplace lacks such transparency. In Colorado there exists no centralized source of information on health care cost, quality and safety.

CIVHC’s vision is to address these challenges and make Colorado a national leader in health and high-quality and affordable health care. To achieve this, CIVHC is committed to continuing to identify and advance initiatives that contribute to an efficient, high-quality and transparent health care system for Colorado. These may be demonstration projects that are created and executed by CIVHC or best practices from communities around the state that are modified to have a statewide impact.